My illustrations are mostly done with watercolor. I also use ink, gouache and pastels. Once the sketches are approved, I look for various references (photographs, images, accessories...) in order to do the drawing. If the illustration needs to depict people, I start by searching for the right models. Most of the time, the models are members of my family, friends or acquaintances. Then, helped by the photos, I proceed with the drawing. Regarding illustrations depicting animals, I do a photo session if the animal is a domestic one, such as a dog or a cat, but if it is a polar bear, for example, I use several different references, images from books or the web. I need to see the animal in many postures in order to draw it as accurately as possible.

Step 1
Very preliminary drawing; the sketch..
Step 2
The photo shoot with the model (in this particular case; my son).
Step 3

The final drawing.
Finally, I reproduce the final drawing on the watercolor paper and proceed with the painting.